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hafesan DUOSLIM Capsules

Long-run dietary success with the twofold power of DUOSLIM!

Again and again you try new diets that promise you the "figure of your dreams". But in the end the yo-yo effect sets in and you put on more weight as you have lost before. A vicious circle that the majority of people has to fight with.
Now, a lot of nutrition experts have discovered that the formula of success is not to eat less but rightfully. They are convinced that long-run dietary success can be achieved by nutrition with fewer carbohydrates. Unfortunately it is very hard to set carbohydrates (for example pasta, potatoes, bread and so on) aside.

But NOW American scientists found a substance in Kidney beans that reduces utilisation of carbohydrates ex food. The name of the key of success is "Phaseolin" and also called "carbo-blocker". This substance that’s hand in digestion before carbohydrates can be converted in blood sugar. It inhibits the enzyme Alpha-Amylase, that is absolutely necessary for the conversion. Thus fewer carbohydrates are utilized and you lose weight.
NOW it is possible to take in Kidney bean extract comfortably in capsules with the hafesan DUOSLIM Capsules.

The intake of two hafesan DUOSLIM Capsules before meals reduces your hungry feeling (with the power of the contained Matè-powder) as well as it blocks the absorption of carbohydrates contained in food. Because you do not have to abstain from carbohydrates ravenous-appetite-attacks for fat and sweets will stay away. Furthermore the added Matè-powder works animatedly and stimulatingly and in this way it takes effect against tiredness and lassitude caused by the reduced intake of calories. You will be fit and in a good temper and stay the course of your diet more easily.

2 hafesan DUOSLIM Capsules contain 680 mg natural kidney bean extract (carbo-blocker) and 120 mg Matè powder (reduces appetite and hunger).
A combination with the FATBLOCKER hafesan Chitosan + L-Carnitin Capsules is adviseable. hafesan Chitosan + L-Carnitin Capsules absorb fat from the food and change it into a form which is not assimilated by the body.
Start NOW your "good-temper-diet" with long-run success with hafesan!

Without lactose, any preservatives and dyestuff.

hafesan for your health's sake! – Austrian quality company.

hafesan DUOSLIM Capsules, 60 piece package.


Kidney bean extract 10:1, vegetable capsule casing Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Matè leaves powder.


Keep out of reach of young children. Keep dry and under 25 °C. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Content: 60 Capsules (= 29,4 g Net weight)